WIP – Works in Progress

1) Banished – Speculative fiction soon to be released as an eBook. About the story: Banished by both the Tree Warriors and the Garden Tenders, Jordana of Arrie resigns herself to live alone in the Great Eucalyptus Forest where she’s free to worship Elohim. Everything changes when she rescues a kidnapped baby and brings war upon her former tribe. Elohim sends Lainey, a wise black leopard who talks like humans, to help guide Jordana. Does the Banished One have the courage to jeopardize her own life by returning to the Tree Warrior Village to warn them of the coming war? Will she risk her heart by facing her first love, Benjura, again? Or will she keep the baby and raise it as her own?

2) Perfect Witness – Romantic Suspense for Christian Women. This completed manuscript will soon be released as an eBook.
About the story: Amanda believes all men leave. Not just their women, they abandon their children too. When she’s forced into hiding with a handsome FBI Agent, does she trust God and stay put? Or run away to the Kentucky Hills? Michael lost his wife to cancer and blames God. He believes he’ll never love again. Faking happiness for his daughter’s sake and putting mob boss, Vinnie Campanella, away are his focus. Everything changes when an attempt on Michael’s life endangers his daughter and new neighbors. Now the strangers are in a fight for their lives. Or is it a battle over Michael’s soul?

3) Nate: MADD at the Devil – Non-fiction, but it reads like a novel. This is the amazing true story of one man’s journey from the devil’s grasp to God’s hard worker in Africa. Every juvenile delinquent or prisoner should someday read this true story of hope for a happy future.

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