Throwback Thursday

Boswell Clan2My great big family….  For some reason my sister Lori is missing, but everybody else is included. One of the rare pictures of all of us. I think I’m about 4 years old in this photo.  I doubt I’ve worn orange/coral since then. I sure miss that natural light blonde hair color!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. This picture was put up by Lori on FB awhile ago. She did not know where she was either but I think she was being punished ! Ha. Lol sure would have been better if we were all there!! Sorry Lor!

  2. My mom thinks Lori was at home with Nancy and Virgil. She might have been sick. I don’t know who took this picture, but we should have postponed to include Lori.

  3. Lets clear up the Lori mystery. She was ‘grounded’ an was not allowed to come to the party. Robert was taking pictures of all the family that night with the brand new Polaroid camera he had just recently won in some contest. Probably it was his dad who took the camera and took this one also.

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