I’m taking a personal day off work today to stay home and work. That’s a first for me. I never take a ‘staycation‘. (That’s the new buzz work for a staying put vacation.) If I have a day off, it’s for fun or because I’m sick in bed. But not this time, I’m at home working, but it’s a fun kind of work. Today, I’m living the dream. I’m writing all day like a real author. Okay, it’s only for one day, so I shouldn’t get carried away.

Now, why would I stay home from work to write all day? Well, a few months ago I shared that a publisher had requested my full manuscript. Well, they sent it back requesting a bunch of changes. Some changes are easy to make and some are very difficult, as they will have a ripple effect throughout the rest of my story. They want me to make the changes and send it back for consideration again. No promises. Just re-consideration. Well, I think that is pretty big and my hopes are high. (See Christina, I post premature stuff too.)

Anyway, I want to make the changes and return it right away before the editor forgets who I am. I did a lot of work on it this past weekend and barely made a dent. So, I decided to take a PTO day and get some serious writing done. I figured today would be perfect. It’s raining, thus no temptation to spend a couple hours on yard work or golfing with my magic man. Besides, it’s a lot easier for me to be sharp and creative in the morning, instead of in the evening after a hard day’s work.

All of this to say, for the next few weeks I may post little or just a picture here and there, because I want to focus on my manuscript. Wish me luck … no, say a pray. I’d rather have God’s help than luck!

Thanks, Tammy

7 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Wow! That’s so exciting. So why are you blogging? Get to work.

    (No, really, keep blogging so we know how you’re doing.)

    I hit a huge wall in my current WIP. No word count for two weeks, because I can’t get around the problem. 🙁

  2. Robin,
    I just checked out your 5/31 post. Wow, congratulations!!!! Super exciting. Be sure to post pictures of your growing tummy. Blessings to your for a wonderful and easy pregnancy! Amen.

  3. Oh yeah, and thank you to everyone else for the well wishes with my novel. Lots of calls and premature congrats. I love it, but will be so embarrassed if it falls through. Oh well, I’m not trying to fool anyone. It’s a fun journey and learning experience.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

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