Quick Blog

Just a quick blog to say I’m home. My trip to Denver was way too fast. It was so nice to hang out with Dusty and Ashley. Work went well too. It was sunny and 70 there, but today their weather is turning cold, so I went at a good time. But now it’s time to pay the piper. It is Sunday afternoon, and I just got home from lunch with Kristi and Charles. I have homework, housework, yard work, and need to be back to church at 4PM. So no time to blog over the new few days. I’ll try to think of something interesting and profound to leave you with. In the mean time here are a couple pictures from Denver.

College student hard at work.

We ate at several fun restaurants. This one is called South of the Boarder.
Krazy Kids!

Okay, my thinking cap is not really on, so my profound thought comes from the DVD I played (and kept messing up) for the church today. Gracia Burnham said that God gave her grace to forget everything in the past and LIVE!

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