Oregon cities named after…

On a recent road trip for work, I was struck by how many cities and towns in Oregon are named after other big cities. Although I did not look up every one of these, the towns I did Google received their names because the founders were from the originating city.
  • Portland, Oregon ~ Portland, Maine
  • Salem, Oregon ~ Salem, Massachusetts
  • Springfield, Oregon ~ Springfield, Illinois
  • Eugene, Oregon ~ Eugene, Missouri
  • Newport, Oregon ~ Newport, New Hampshire
  • Phoenix, Oregon ~ Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nashville, Oregon ~ Nashville, Tennessee
  • Detroit, Oregon ~ Detroit, Michigan
  • Pendleton, Oregon ~ Pendleton, Illinois
  • Ontario, Oregon ~ Ontario, California
  • Taft, Oregon ~ Taft, California
  • St. Helens, Oregon ~ St. Helens, Washington
  • Sweet Home, Oregon ~ Sweet Home Alabama, okay that’s a song, but you get the point.
I am sure there are more. Kind of interesting!


Fall is here. Bummer!

I’m not a fan of Fall for 3 main reasons:
  1. I love Summer and hate to see it end. It takes forever to return, and I get so sick of the rain!
  2. I detest Halloween. I’ve always loved to dress up in costumes, but there is too much evil associated with Halloween now, that I no longer like the holiday. I now loathe it!
  3. All the pretty trees drop crap all over my yard. They don’t do it all at once either. They shed for weeks and weeks. It’s a lot of raking every weekend through November.
That said, there are some pretty things to look at in the Fall.
 Joans sunflowers
I do love hot chocolate and various gourmet hot chocolates. As well as fragrant candles. TI must admit those are better in the fall when all the windows are closed up.

IMG_2213 (2)birch trees

Gotta look on the bright side. Fall brings NaNoWriMo, which I am doing this year, and it ushers in Christmas. Oh how I LOVE Christmas!!!


Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenwoth signFor years, I’ve wanted to take a trip to Leavenworth, Washington. It is a Bavarian Village at the base of several mountain ranges—Stuart and Wenatchee Mountains. Its super popular during Christmas and Oktoberfest.
cool buildingsEve and I took our moms for some fun girl time last weekend. The buildings and flowers were gorgeous. gils and flowersLeavenworth Villagethe ultimate bag lady Eve is the ultimate bag lady. She loves bags like I love shoes. We found the perfect store for her. View from room The views are wonderful from the WorldMark Timeshare Condos. I highly recommend staying there. view gorgeous Leavenworth is about 5 hours from Portland, unless you stop a lot on the pretty scenic route like we did.
View on the driveThere are even a couple goats that live by the village. One is shy and one is not!GoatFun place!

Ready, Set, Hike!

I wanted to do some hiking this summer to get my strength back while spending quality time with girlfriends and seeing new places. Like Opal Creek and Oneonta Falls. I was not disappointed with either.  Below is a little picture review.
The water falls at Opal Creek are little, but that is not why it’s famous. The 7 miles trek along the creek is complete with an old mining town, spectacular 700-year old red cedar trees, and a wonderful creek. The water is clear as bottled water. I was not disappointed with this easy 7 mile round trip trek with Eve, her mom, and my God-son, Daniel, AKA Eve’s son.
 IMG_0170There are a few caves along the way and old mining cars.


IMG_0172 IMG_0176 IMG_0189 IMG_0193 IMG_0197 I’ve been able to hike Silver Creek Falls 3 times this summer, each time with a different girlfriend. I have more trips planned, too. There is an 8 mile roundtrip hike, a 6 mile option, or just 5 miles. I’ve done all 3 so far this year. There’s a bit of an elevation change. so it’s tough to do in the heat. IMG_0024 IMG_0033 IMG_0042 The falls I was most excited to see was Oneanta. There’s a huge log jam to climb over. Then you walk up the creek bed. It gets deep in two places, so you wade in the cool water. It’s so worth it, though.Oneonida Falls 136 Below is Horsetail Falls, which is next door to Oneonta Falls, which is 2 or 3 miles from Multnomah fall. Horsetail Falls kinda looks like a horse tail. Oneonida Falls 137 Oneonida Falls 144 Trust me when I say the pictures don’t do the log jam justice. The size is much longer than the photo shows. Oneonida Falls 143Oneonida Falls 149 Above is my friend Trish. We made it over the log jam. Now we travel about 1/2 mile through a gorge to the falls. That part is spectacular! Oneonida Falls 151 Oneonida Falls 164I definitely want to do this one again! Coolest hike I’ve ever been on. And shortest!

Cropping Fool

About 2 months ago, I rearranged my bedroom and took a desk out, to make it more spacious and pretty. It lasted less than a week.  In the evening of about day 6, I set up my card table and ordered photos. I hadn’t cropped or printed pictures in almost 5 years. So each evening when I sat down around 8 PM to watch TV, I would crop several pages. Over the 4th of July weekend, I was home alone dog sitting, so I watched tons of movies and completed several albums. It was actually pretty great. And now, 7 albums later, I’m finally caught up and done with my photo cropping project.

albums 6

I even completed a couple of fun Disney albums.

albums 5 good

So the card table is down, I have my bedroom back, and have reached a surprising conclusion…

I may never crop again.

Not because I got burnt out, but because of the cost. Holy cow, I spent a fortunate developing hundreds of pictures, buying lovely paper and embellishments, and photo albums. Even with 50% off Michaels coupons, it was a big expense. The $20 photo books from Costco would have been way cheaper! The only question is whether they would be as pretty. Or as fun. I’ve not done one before, so I’ll give it a try next time. Although that might not be for years.