Oregon cities named after…

On a recent road trip for work, I was struck by how many cities and towns in Oregon are named after other big cities. Although I did not look up every one of these, the towns I did Google received their names because the founders were from the originating city.
  • Portland, Oregon ~ Portland, Maine
  • Salem, Oregon ~ Salem, Massachusetts
  • Springfield, Oregon ~ Springfield, Illinois
  • Eugene, Oregon ~ Eugene, Missouri
  • Newport, Oregon ~ Newport, New Hampshire
  • Phoenix, Oregon ~ Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nashville, Oregon ~ Nashville, Tennessee
  • Detroit, Oregon ~ Detroit, Michigan
  • Pendleton, Oregon ~ Pendleton, Illinois
  • Ontario, Oregon ~ Ontario, California
  • Taft, Oregon ~ Taft, California
  • St. Helens, Oregon ~ St. Helens, Washington
  • Sweet Home, Oregon ~ Sweet Home Alabama, okay that’s a song, but you get the point.
I am sure there are more. Kind of interesting!


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    1. What an amazing call! It’s a ⁘mustࢭ whether you’re just beginning to build your business or not. I’ve already sent the info to others and plan to listen again myself. Looking forward to First Steps in Baltimore!!

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