2015 and 2016 Resolutions

I love New Year Resolutions. I do understand why some people say their resolution is to make no resolutions. Someday I might do that. In the mean time, I enjoy setting goals each year and striving to accomplish them.
Last January, I completed a bingo-type card with 16 squares hosting 16 goals. I met 12 of the 16. A couple of those were big goals and pretty fun, like taking my mom back to her home town in California to see family, and going someplace new with Dan. Both were completed before the summer. Dan and I flew to New Orleans, toured the city and some southern mansions, then drove to Biloxi, Mississippi, Alabama, and over to Pensacola. It was a fun trip through the south. 
Another goal was to double the amount of marinara sauce I canned, which meant I had to double the number of tomatoes I planted. Check and yummy! Also in 2015 I strove to be early and rush less. Although not 100% perfect, I did a really good at being early all year. I plan to keep it up.
My best resolution for 2015 was to paint 1 picture a month with my mom. She is a wonderful artist and has been teaching me to paint. We painted several pictures together and I did several alone. We had fun creating different Christmas scenes to give as gifts. I’m pleased to report that we finished 15 pictures, exceeding the goal 12. Yeah! It was very time consuming, but worth it.
The purple picture below was a team effort. We painted it for my sister. First, I did the purple background, lavender tree shape with stars on the boarder and light beams streaming down from the main star/cross. Once I finished tracing the manger scene, I passed it off to mom for the hard stuff.  It turned out so well. Mom did a fabulous job on Mary and Joseph’s faces and even the blades of hay. Mom is a true artist. Purple nativity
Below is a sunset manger scene I painted all by myself. This picture doesn’t do the purple sky justice. There are sparkles on the north star. Sunset manger
I painted this blue picture for my Dad using a combo of the above manger, which I enlarged, and the purple picture we did for my sister. I think it turned out really well. I also painted one in red and green for another family member. It turned out pretty, too. For dad, Blue nativity
So, what’s the plan for 2016?  To finish a couple of the 2015 goals I did not meet…lose weight, drink more water, consistently work out. I’m signing up for the Pacific Crest Half Marathon in June. Although I want to continue painting, I’ll spend more time walking in 2016. I have 2 tropical vacations scheduled that require bathing suits. That alone is motivation. 
A new resolution for 2016 is to read a Bible chapter each night before falling asleep. I love the Bible ap on my phone and it’s so easy to read a chapter at night. The ONLY problem is remembering. I almost forgot last night. Although it was after midnight when I remembered, I did read before falling asleep, so technically I didn’t blow it on my first day. Whew!
Thanks for reading. May God richly bless your 2016.

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