My nephew’s wedding

Two weekends ago, my nephew got married to a lovely Christian girl. The wedding took place next to the Willamette River and was one of the prettiest weddings I’ve ever seen.  Below are a few fun photos from Skyler and Kira’s wedding. Tons of pictures are on Facebook, but some below are not, including the little story.

Skyler & Kirafunny wedding picAbove is my son in the crazy 90’s jacket at the fun photo booth with the bride and groom. Dusty was one of the groomsmen. My daughter was supposed to come home for the wedding but got super sick and ended up in the hospital. She is fine now, but  was so sad to miss the wedding. I sat in the front row with my iPad, so she could watch via Skype. It was so sweet of Skyler to arrange that for her.

The photo below is of my cropping girls. Four of us are doing to Disneyland in November…girls only trip. Whoo hoo.

cropping girlsSo here is the other part of the story…I did all the pulled pork for the wedding. I planned for 150 people, and borrowed many crock pots. I had 13 crock pots lined up and cooking 33 pork loin roasts from Costco.  I had to get up at 4 AM to start them.  Yes, I could have done them in the oven and bought cheaper ones at Cash N Carry, but I was having little anxiety attacks over the timing and moisture content. I know how to cook 2 or 3 little  roasts in the crock pot to perfection. They are super moist, and I know just when they will be done. So, duplicating that ten times over isn’t much different. But as the date neared, fear began to set it. It turned out to be for nothing. The BBQ pulled pork was excellent, timely, plentiful, moist, and tasty.  Wonderful, to be exact. But I can’t take the credit.

crockpotpulled porkThis past Sunday in church, our pastor asked us to think of the last time we really sought the Lord for something and HE met our needs.  I immediately thought of the pulled pork. I really prayed that HE would perfect that which concerned me, like HE promised to do in Psalm. I had nightmares about 13 crock pots throwing the circuit breaker without me realizing it, so the roasts were raw.  Or that we ran out, and not everyone got to eat. Or having the meat be dried out and over done.  So many things could have gone wrong, that I started asking what I had been thinking to offer to do such a big job. I really had to pray for God to make it all perfect, not for my glory, but to bless Kira and Skyler’s special day. It just couldn’t be ruined by rain, or raw pork.  And boy did Christ answer.  Perfection indeed.

Thank you God, for caring about the big and little things in our lives. Amen!

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