Injustice on Dancing with the Stars

Shock and fury! I’m sooooo mad that Cheetah girl, Sabrina Bryan, got booted from Dancing with the Stars last night. I agree with Bruno, America got it wrong!!!! She was by far the best celebrity dancer they have EVER had on the show. She should have been in the final two, and she should have won! This is wrong, just plain wrong! Jayne Seymour is nice, so’s Jennie Garth. Marie Osmond is amazingly funny and I really like her! But the dancing by these three ladies isn’t even in the same league as Sabrina’s. One to them should have gone home last night. Is this just a popularity contest? Who’s the most famous celebrity, and not who’s the best dancer? I’m just plain mad!

15 thoughts on “Injustice on Dancing with the Stars

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you Tammy!!! She was my favorite and it is not fair she was voted off. I hope this is a wake-up call and people vote for the best dancer!
    My vote now is Mel & Max.

  2. I’ve been inconsolable ever since. Maybe the producers could talk Sanjaya into coming on for a guest appearance.

  3. Mick,
    Great idea. Perhaps a serenade by Sanjaya would help.

    I think I will vote for Julianne and Helio Castroneves. No wait, I have math on Monday nights and I tape the show. So I miss the vote. But last season I voted a lot for Apollo.

  4. Ok I have the inside scoop for you tammy dear.
    ABC, which is the network that runs this has a fix on for Marie Osmond.
    They were the original network to run the Donny and Marie Osmond Show and they want to bring it back! With her winning this thing it has automatic ratings built in. It is all in the bag!
    “I’m a little bit Country, I’m a little bit Rock and Roll…..”

  5. Bill, that would be an answer to one of my prayers. I hope you are right!!!!!!!!

    Sanjaka, Mick? Of course I knew you were mocking and I joined you. Sanjaka doesn’t hold a candle to Donny.

    Jenny, dear, a lunch box is nothing, you are a light weight. I went to see Donny Osmond in concert … twice. The first time was in 6th grade, after which I proudly displayed my 8 X 10 color photo of him on my desk at school. Then when Donny came to the Oregon State Fair about 10 years ago, I went early to get in the front row. And finally, right now, at this very second, inside my car’s 6 CD changer, along with my 2 Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir CD’s, Trace Atkins, and First Light, you’d find Donny’s newest CD.
    However, my love for Donny does not justify voting for his sister when Sabrina danced circles around her. I have principals, ya know. Or perhaps its principles. Like, whatever.

  6. Okay Tammy, I have to agree on the dancing gig. Cheetah girl was the best. I told my wife and daughter as we watched it that Jane seemed to act like a teenager. A little out of character for her.

    I still vote “Yuch” for Survivor.


  7. HA TAMMY!!

    I am laughing right now at your love for all things Donny!! Hilarious.

    No Bill I don’t have it to sell on Ebay…I wish I did though!

    Check out Jeremy’s blog today for an update on the Greens…

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