Great Weekend in Bend

BreeAnna and I had such a nice weekend in Bend with Eve and her family. Below is Bree and Rachael on top of Pilot Butte. Eve and I climbed it, while the girls drove to the top.

Eve’s daughter is Rachael, she’s 16, a twin, and my real god-daughter, not even self-appointed, like my other. Anyway, Rachael and Bree always have fun; their age difference doesn’t matter.
Below are Eve’s boy’s. Matthew is 17, he’s the one smiling. Daniel is 16, a twin. He giggled and ate popcorn all through the photo shoot. Such funny boys!!! I love my god-son’s.

We girls hung out a lot. We went to dinner and a movie, had pedicures, went shopping, and thoroughly enjoyed one another. It ended all too soon. As did Bree’s quick visit. She is back in Texas now. I miss her already.

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