Girl Trips

I spent last weekend in Lincoln City with my cropping group: (L) to (R) above: Jennifer, Marci, Trisha, Wanda, and Teresa. I’m in the back. It was our annual Storm Watch weekend, although there was no storm. The weather was sunny and beautiful. We rented an awesome house, and set our card tables in a U around the TV, then worked on photo albums, memory books, beading, and allegedly Christmas pillows. Disaster almost struck in the form a broken DVD player. What??? No movie after movie while we crop for hours? Say it ain’t so! Well, we called maintenance and they zipped right over and replaced it. Whew! I finished 2 albums, so it was very productive for me. Plus we talked, laughed, and cried. We were treated by Jen and Wanda to awesome fresh baked brownies alamode. Marci also made us a wonderful fruitful dessert and a nutritious breakfast. It was great!

On the way home, we stopped at the Sunflower Barn in Monmouth. It’s a great county store filled to the brim with gifts. We each found interesting items. It is on Riddle Road between Rickreal and Monmouth. You can click here to take a virtual tour: Sunflower Barn. I recommend it to anyone interested in a fun little girlie shopping excursion.

Did you know that girl-only trips are becoming more and more popular? I saw a CSI episode about one gone wrong, and a recent travel advertisement about them. We’ve had girl-only weekends for years. It’s a great way to work on our crafts for hours and hours without feeling guilty, and while cultivating our friendship with Christian sister chicks. So, I want to say to our husbands and sons, “Thank you! Thanks for supporting our annual Storm Watch weekend. Thanks for taking care of our kids, dogs, and houses while we’re gone. We LOVE our girl trips!”

3 thoughts on “Girl Trips

  1. Awesome weekend!!!!! Not long enough!!! Maybe we should start doing it twice a year. Let’s plan a spring weekend.
    Great picture!!! Sorry Wanda for the sunglasses.

  2. Love the sunglasses! (Sorry Wanda). I agree that the girls trips we take are refreshing and help us to be better wives and mothers. I also extend a big thanks to the husbands and sons (and daughters) that make these times possible.

  3. Sunglasses or not, I’m in the shadows just where I like to be! I totally agree that we need to do this twice a year — whether the guys like it or not. The laughter and tears we share are so cathartic. And it’s nice to come home and realize we were missed. Maybe next time I’ll actually do some scrapbooking!


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