Fun Weekend

What a fun weekend. It started out Saturday morning at the Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. For any out-of-state readers, Keizer, Oregon is the Iris Capitol of the world, thanks to Schreiner’s. I took my mom and Aunt Dee out there before the 90 degree weather hit. I snapped 2 quick pictures, then zoomed in on an amazing flower, when my battery died. So these 2 lame pictures are all I have. They do not do the beautiful gardens justice. Not to fear. Next weekend they will be open again, only this time they’ll have food and bands, best of all, they are only 4 miles from my house.

Next, my in laws, Bob and Marlene, had been invited to a private showing of Prince Caspian on Saturday at noon. They got to take their kids and grand kids. Although my hubby declined, I gladly accepted and went with my sister-in-law, two nephews, and Bob & Marlene. It was at my new favorite theater, Lancaster Mall, and the movie was wonderful. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to all. However, if you haven’t seen Narnia yet, rent if before seeing Prince Caspian. Just definitely see both!!!
The fun continued. On Saturday night, we went to Dinner and a movie with the Lenker’s. This time we saw Ironman. It was really good too. Friends, food, fellowship, and fun. Can’t beat that. And I have to say, Robert Downey Jr. may have some serious problems in real life, but you couldn’t see anything wrong with him in this movie. He was fantastic! I hope he’s getting his life back, and meets Jesus Christ.

And now for the best part, my son arrived home at 4:43 AM. I had not seen Dusty since about 10:00 AM on 01-01-08. It was a LONG five months! And now praise the Lord, Dusty’s home for the summer. His uncle Dave flew out to help, thereby saving Dan’s back. The boys went to a Twins vs. Rockies game, had a good night sleep, then loaded up the back of Dusty truck, before driving straight through 20 hours. Since the back of Dusty’s truck is open and he had 2 TV’s, a computer, etc., they couldn’t go into a hotel for the night. So, it made for one long drive.
(Little shout out to Dave for volunteering to go. Thanks, bro.)
And now for the rest of the story … At 4:44 am Sunday morning, I heard the dogs bark and ran downstairs to the garage just as the guys climbed out of the truck. Dusty came toward me and I yelled, “Yeah! You’re ho— Are you gonna shave that off before church?”
My son, the bearded wonder, AKA, late-for-class-no-time-to-shave-for-months. Oh well, he’s home and that’s what counts.
And now for the bad part. I leave tomorrow for Salt Lake City for work. I’m gone several days due to a big trial. I don’t want to go!!! Dusty just got home!!!! (Can you hear the whine in my voice?) Oh well, I gotta go earn some more money to send to Colorado Christian University.
Have a blessed week, everyone!

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