Fall is here. Bummer!

I’m not a fan of Fall for 3 main reasons:
  1. I love Summer and hate to see it end. It takes forever to return, and I get so sick of the rain!
  2. I detest Halloween. I’ve always loved to dress up in costumes, but there is too much evil associated with Halloween now, that I no longer like the holiday. I now loathe it!
  3. All the pretty trees drop crap all over my yard. They don’t do it all at once either. They shed for weeks and weeks. It’s a lot of raking every weekend through November.
That said, there are some pretty things to look at in the Fall.
 Joans sunflowers
I do love hot chocolate and various gourmet hot chocolates. As well as fragrant candles. TI must admit those are better in the fall when all the windows are closed up.

IMG_2213 (2)birch trees

Gotta look on the bright side. Fall brings NaNoWriMo, which I am doing this year, and it ushers in Christmas. Oh how I LOVE Christmas!!!


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