Diet progress and Woes

Slow and Steady wins the race. Right? Well, it’s hard to stay motivated with slow progress and setbacks. I’ve lose about 12 pounds since 1/1/16 and I’m down 20 pounds from my heaviest about 18 months ago. I’m exercising more, although my workouts are pretty wimpy and there’s too much time in between. I am buried at work right now, and it’s hard to get up from my desk to go work out.
But worst of all, despite moving more and eating less, my blood sugar has gone up again. Ever since I lost my thyroid, my blood sugar has been inching up and up. I am no longer pre-diabetic. I see the doctor in a couple weeks to decide if I have to go on insulin. Yikes!  It’s hard to be excited about losing 20 pounds when I have no control over my body processing carbs into sugar. I use sugar free coffee creamer, and if I’m really craving a sweet, I make sugar free pudding or eat an Adkins bar for a snack. Otherwise no bread, no pasta, nothing that contains flour. Weight down, blood sugar up. No fair!
This really stinks! 20 pounds lost is something to celebrate, even though I need to lose 20 more. I’m changing my eating habits because of the blood sugar thing. And I’ll find out soon if I have to change them even more.
I’ll I can do is stay the course!

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