Cropping Fool

About 2 months ago, I rearranged my bedroom and took a desk out, to make it more spacious and pretty. It lasted less than a week.  In the evening of about day 6, I set up my card table and ordered photos. I hadn’t cropped or printed pictures in almost 5 years. So each evening when I sat down around 8 PM to watch TV, I would crop several pages. Over the 4th of July weekend, I was home alone dog sitting, so I watched tons of movies and completed several albums. It was actually pretty great. And now, 7 albums later, I’m finally caught up and done with my photo cropping project.

albums 6

I even completed a couple of fun Disney albums.

albums 5 good

So the card table is down, I have my bedroom back, and have reached a surprising conclusion…

I may never crop again.

Not because I got burnt out, but because of the cost. Holy cow, I spent a fortunate developing hundreds of pictures, buying lovely paper and embellishments, and photo albums. Even with 50% off Michaels coupons, it was a big expense. The $20 photo books from Costco would have been way cheaper! The only question is whether they would be as pretty. Or as fun. I’ve not done one before, so I’ll give it a try next time. Although that might not be for years.

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