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  1. Best planned intentions sometimes end up being impossible. It has been a week since my last post, not 2 days like I had hoped.
  2. Change is hard, long, and difficult to make permanent. Why can’t I stop interrupting people? Bridle the tongue and all that.
  3. Reality TV, I can’t believe Joanna went home on Dancing with the Stars. I am glad Donny is still there, but I thought he should have been the one to go last week. I really like how well Kelly is doing, but she is not the best. I hope she doesn’t win.
  4. I am so sad that Salem, Oregon’s own Laura was voted out of Survivor! I do not like Russell, but I have to say, he is the Survivor Master!
  5. My half Marathon is one week from today. Oh my Heavens to Betsy, it is time to get real and get ready.

Update on making changes. Day 74.

The diet is going great. I’ve cut out sugar, starch, carbs and eat lean chicken, salad, 2 apples a day, etc. I have lost more weight this week and I have ever lost in a week before. Whoo hoo!!! Of course, work has been very stressful, staying late several nights, skipping meals, moving furniture for my mom and at home. No wonder I’m tired so I’ve only been on the treadmill a couple times. This week, I need to focus on getting my miles in each day. Or else I may be calling a taxi at mile 10 or 11. (Actually, that would be kind of funny.)

Random things.

My favorite posts of late seem to be the ones on random things. So here goes another.

My mom and I stopped at Rice Hill for ice cream on our way to Red Bluff last weekend. I guess our eyes were too big for our tummy’s because we ordered two scoops and could not believe how huge they were. Thank goodness we did not go for the 3 scoop option. That seems impossible for anyone to eat! We had a fun weekend with my cousins and it was hot hot hot, at 101 degrees. One funny thing happened Sunday morning when we were packing up and my mom couldn’t find her glasses and shoes anywhere. Finally she looked at my aunt (who is disabled) and yes, she had my mom’s shoes on, but even funnier, she wore her own glasses as well as my mom’s. I should have taken a picture of that.

And now to my lovely sister, Lori. She’s been an RN at a hospital in Portland for like 30 years. Well, a couple years ago, she started on the RN to BSN program. Last weekend she walked with her class. Doesn’t she look great! She has one final summer class to take for her Bachelor’s in Nursing. I am so proud of her!
Next…Anyone catch Dancing with the Stars last night? I am shocked that Shawn Johnson won. Her freestyle was fantastic, but for the season as a whole, I wish Melissa had won.

Okay, I’m glad to be home on a breather. Back to my Precepts Bible study, writing, and golfing. Plus church, I bet it’s been 15 years since I have been gone 3 weeks in a row.

Have a blessed week, everyone!

Random Stuff

First of all, Survivor is on tonight, not tomorrow, due to the final 4 tourney. Go Ozzie!

Second, did any one catch the Dancing with the Stars 2-night premier? I have several comments on it:
1) My beloved Priscilla looked awful. Way too much botox. Hey, I’m all for a little nip and a lot of tuck, but freezing one’s face looks freakish! You can tell she’s embarrassed about it too, as she looks down and moves her hair in front of her face when she smiles or laughs. Hopefully, it will wear off in 6 months and she won’t do such extremes again. The woman is almost 63. It’s okay to look 55. Just don’t try to look 30. Don’t these stars understand that they look worse when they go to such extremes?
2) Poor Monica Selis. She is not good, but she had tears in her eyes when she finished. It was touching and I loved it. She just wants to wear a pretty dress and dance as if she got to go to prom. Very sweet.
3) Go Kristi Yamaguchi!!!! Man she was good, by far the best of everyone! You know I met her once, twice actually. Joan and I both shook her hand. I don’t know remember what Joan calmly said to her, but as I pumped Kristi’s hand, I practically shouted in her face. “GOD BLESS YOU, KRISTI!” Anyway, I’m voting for her. She was great!

Third, my 21-year-old son cut his own cast off last Saturday. I just found out and pretty much hit the roof. Good thing he’s away at school, although I don’t see college making him any smarter. (Okay, when I calm down, I’ll probably have to come back here and edit all this out.)

I have a bit of writing update to share, but I’ll save that for another post. So check back in a few days.

Have a good week.

News Flash

Okay, just a quick post to tell you Dusty will be having surgery on Monday 2-11, to fix those bone fragments in his right foot. He’s hobbling around CCU in the snow, so say a prayer for him if you think of it. (If you click on CCU above you can see the snow on his campus via web cam.)

And second, rumor has it Priscilla Presley and Donny Osmond will be joining the new season of Dancing with the Stars starting next month. How cool is that!!!!!!!

Lastly, for my writer friends I’ve added a new link to my bank on the right, regarding getting published by Mary DeMuth. Some interesting stuff there.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.