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A Vision from God

Long time no post. Boy, I don’t think I’ve gone a week between blogs in a good 8 or 9 months. Sorry about that. I have some really good ideas to talk about too, but I have been very busy. So today I’ll share something amazing, to me anyway. It’s a vision slowly revealed to me after reading a simple sentence in my devotional. It’s not an earth shattering prophetic vision from God or anything like that. It’s more like God rubbed a little Windex on a corner of that dark window to reveal something interesting to me. Maybe you’ve all seen this before, but I haven’t. I knew it, but now I can picture it, and it’s a vision I never want to forget.

Joyce Meyer began today’s devotional lesson with this simple sentence. “The Devil is constantly waging war on the battlefield of the mind.” The name of the devotional is Battlefield of the Mind, which I’ve posted about before, so that title is not new to me. But suddenly the vision of a MIND battlefield is new.

I picture a field, perhaps like Gettysburg, with a huge army swarming down a sloping hill. There are hundreds of soldiers, all carrying various weapons, and sharing one objective; attacking me.

I sit alone on a sofa, on the opposite hill. Next to me is a coffee table hosting a book and binoculars. A TV and refrigerator are nearby.

I pick up the field glasses and zero in on the opposing army’s artillery. Their weapons are scary and painful. One is the accuser, who constantly yells out my sins and unworthiness. Another is fear. Doubt and unbelief are there, accompanied with wrong questioning of God, and worry. Worry is great and powerful. When I finally shift my gaze away from Worry, it lands on Greed. Greed’s snarling smirk is targeted on me, as well as envy, unforgiveness, strife, and wrong motives. Pity party is there in mass to bombard with all the reasons I should feel sorry for myself and rightly so! And when I look deep into the eyes of their leader, I can’t seem to lower the binoculars. They are the eyes of a roaring and drooling lion. I shutter.

Yes, it’s an army like no other, coming to separate me from Christ, beating me down, and defeating my witness. It’s an army who wants to reek havoc in my mind, leaving me in a mess of confusion, ineffectiveness, depression, but mostly, separation from faith, thus God.

I have a choice. I can give in to the attack and let them take me captive, carrying me away to some ridiculous tortured soul prison. Or I can open that book, which of course is the Bible. It contains everything I need to defeat each and every one of those enemy soldiers. It contains everything I need to be victorious, happy, effective, and full of peace and joy. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are inside of me telling me to pick up the book, take action, pray, and quote the Bible out loud.

But the choice is mine. I am the one who has to make the move. Am I lazy? Do I need to watch a little TV first? Maybe have a Pepsi, or bowl of ice cream? Maybe I should take a little nap before getting to that book.

“Not this time!” I yell, as I reach for it, shouting, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” And he must obey. Then my eyes are opened as that drooling lion, who’s been seeking to devour me, morphs into his real self, a worm. Per the Bible, Satan is just a worm beneath the feet of Christ, who is in me; thus he’s a worm beneath my feet.

I never want to forget the above picture of Satan’s attack or the picture of his true being as a worm under my feet.

Nor should I forget my responsibility, my choice to open the book, and speak the Word in order to obtain the victory God has provided for me. For each of us. PTL! And thank you, God, for being so patient and forgiving of my stupidity. Amen.

Evil Forebodings

Proverbs 15:15 (Amplified Bible)

“All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].”

Dan and I are doing a daily devotional together every morning, and I just love it! I briefly mentioned Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind devotional in a prior post. It is awesome! I can’t emphasize that enough. Each day I feel like God is speaking directly to me and addressing the things I battle with daily. Today’s lesson was something new to me. Evil Foreboding. Not new in that I don’t experience them, but new regarding what victory over evil foreboding can be like.

Often we battle anxious thoughts and evil forebodings for absolutely no reason other than we’re listening to the deceiver and succumbing to his strongholds. I looked up foreboding in the dictionary. Webster defines it as, “a feeling that evil is impending.” Do you ever feel like that? Worry that something bad is going to happen? I had that feeling a lot when my kids first got their driver’s license. I still fight it with them both living so far away in big cities. Honestly, I battle evil forebodings a lot!

So, does the devil have stronghold over me in this area? Well, I don’t have to believe his lies. None of us have to succumb to his strongholds. We can CHOOSE to have a glad heart. We can take our thoughts captive. And in doing so, we can have a continual feast. Think about “a continual feast.” I find that absolutely fascinating! Do you think God’s referring to a food feast or a feast in one’s mind? In this context, a food feast doesn’t make sense, so I think God is referring to a feast of joy and peace, laughter and happiness in our mind. How cool is that!!!!!!! I don’t think I have ever studied about a feast of gladness in my mind before. Have you? Doesn’t it make you just love being a Christian? We serve such a good, good, good God! He’s just so amazingly good to us!

I love our new devotional. I highly recommend it!