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I am thrilled to announce that you can now read Izetta on your Kindle. Izetta is a novella based on true events of passion, murder, and the power of prayer. Here is the link to Amazon to purchase this eBook for only .99 cents and download it to your Kindle.

Izetta book cover

In southern California in the late 1950’s, a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like named Izetta meets Joe Conkey. The magnetic pull to this man is nothing she’s ever experienced before. There’s one problem. Joe is the best friend of her fiancé—Ford. Izetta dumps Ford and elopes with Joe. This is her second elopement. The first ended in disaster. The second seems perfect, except for the dark cloud of Ford. Her millionaire ex isn’t bowing out nicely.
My other novel, Perfect Witness, will be released next week as an eBooks on Amazon. I’ll post when it is available.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Izetta.


William Borden

My pastor often talks about a young man from the early 1900’s named William Borden. When he was in college, his wealthy father died and left William a fortune. Yet, William gave up his luxurious lifestyle and his dad’s riches to become a missionary in Egypt. Six months after arriving on the mission field, William got sick and died. Upon the return of William’s possessions, his family received his Bible. In it William Borden wrote, “No Reserve! No Retreat! No Regret! For outside of faith in Christ, there is no explanation for such a life.”

The more I think about William’s words, the more I realize just how deep and true they are. Eternity with Christ in Heaven is the only explanation for devoting one’s life to helping others find Jesus. The earthly wealth Borden gave up was nothing compared to the indestructible and indescribable treasure he received in Heaven. The same principal is available for all Christians. Just read Matthew 6: 19-21 that teaches us to store up treasure in Heaven. That treasure stems from our deeds on earth per 1 Timothy 6:17-19. I wonder what the treasure in Heaven will be like.

Why do you think we don’t spend more time and energy on good deeds and reaching the lost for Christ when it has such eternal rewards for both the lost soul and us? It is a total win/win deal from God. I really want to be more like William Borden. I know it’s hard to keep that fire burning bright every single day, but I think the key is focusing on one day at a time without worrying about the next. Seek God daily, asking the Holy Spirit to stoke the fire everyday, study the word with intent and ask for opportunities to serve or witness. Then obey when He answers. The ramifications for such obedience are eternal, and beautiful, and fun to ponder!