2007 To-Do List Update

Remember my 2007 ‘To Do’ list from last January? Well, it’s almost November, so with only two months left to get the items done, I thought I’d post an update. (I know you guys don’t really care, but I like posting about it, because it makes me feel like, “Okay, now I have to do it for sure!”)

1) Lose 20 pounds: Done. I met that 20-pound goal yesterday actually, and now I want to lose another 10. Then the hard work begins. Keeping it off. That will be on my 2008 list.

2) Read through the New Testament twice: I just finished Jude, and will start Revelations next week. I can easily go through it twice by year-end, thanks to the New Testament on tape. I love the dramatized version.

3) Finish reading at least one of the three daily devotionals I’ve started: Done, and I’ve actually exceeded this one, in that I’ve read two, and started a third with my husband, which we will finish by year’s end.

4) Finish writing the devotional book for writers that I’m working on: Not gonna happen. This one will transfer to my 2008 list.

5) Read a dozen books in my genre: Done, and exceeded. I’ve read 18 fun books so far this year.

6) Finish writing at least one of the stories I’ve started: Now I’m cheating a little by saying I completed item 6. I created three short stories/articles from real events, and one came from a script that I previously started, and hadn’t finish4ed. So I finished it and spun a story off of it. Therefore, I feel like I sort of did this one, but technically, I did not finish one the the undone stories I had started. Nevertheless, in honor of Jenny’s anti-legalism views, I’m going to count this as done … sort of.

7) Pass math: I’ve put it off for 20 years, as it is super hard for me. I just don’t think mathematically. I get mixed up as to when you FOIL, and when you multiply one quadratic equation by the negative of the other, or how to solve by elimination. So, this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. The Math requirements 20 years ago were sooooo much easier than today, I should have never put it off! But, praise the Lord, I’m almost done. I sadly learned it wasn’t a matter of just taking College algebra and passing one class. It ended up being a 3-class endeavor spanning 9 months of 2007. I had to take introductory algebra, then intermediate algebra, before I could take the real one that counts for my degree. I’m in the real one now, and drum roll please … I have a high B in the class, and will finish on 12-15. Oh my stars, I can’t believe it is almost over and that I did it. Hallelujah!

8) Buy no clothes in 2007 for myself: Did I make it? Not even close. Well, that’s not true, I made it 4 months and actually, I haven’t bought that much since then: a couple pairs sandals and 3 Capri’s this summer, and this fall, a couple sweaters (from Costco of all places) and 3 pairs of nice black boots of various hights that are super cute! But that’s about it. Not much really, but considerably more than zero items. So I failed miserably on this item and I don’t care because … I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m almost done with math. Math, people, I am almost done with math!!!! Whoopee!!!!

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