Izetta on Amazon

Last week I released my novella, IZETTA, on Amazon as an eBook. It was kind of a disaster! The formatting was wrong and typos abundant. Amazon kept giving me a message that the corrections would post in 72 hours. Far more than that have passed, and now allegedly everything is good. But each time I try to reload IZETTA, or load it onto one of my other devices, the original version loads. The preview displays correctly, so hopefully any new downloads will be of the corrected version. I apologize to anyone who purchased the original eBook riddled with errors. I have certainly learned what to do and not to do if I ever release my novel, BANISHED.  A description of Izetta is below. It’s a true story of love, passion, and murder.
Thanks, Tammy

izetta book

I am thrilled to announce that you can now read Izetta on your Kindle. Izetta is a novella based on true events of passion, murder, and the power of prayer. Here is the link to Amazon to purchase this eBook for only .99 cents and download it to your Kindle.

Izetta book cover

In southern California in the late 1950’s, a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like named Izetta meets Joe Conkey. The magnetic pull to this man is nothing she’s ever experienced before. There’s one problem. Joe is the best friend of her fiancé—Ford. Izetta dumps Ford and elopes with Joe. This is her second elopement. The first ended in disaster. The second seems perfect, except for the dark cloud of Ford. Her millionaire ex isn’t bowing out nicely.
My other novel, Perfect Witness, will be released next week as an eBooks on Amazon. I’ll post when it is available.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Izetta.


Goodbye, Dad.

My dad moved off this earth and to Heaven on Monday. He’s not lost, as I know exactly where he’s at. Dad said, “I’m done and ready to see my Lord.” Dad would have turned 85 this June. He was a retired Air Traffic Controller and Reserve Polk County Sheriff. More importantly, he was a Christian. I am so thankful for the Blessed Assurance of seeing him again someday in Heaven. Boswell Clan2 The Boswell clan above, minus sister Lori. I think I was 3 years old in that picture. Below is all 7 kids with Dad on his 80th Birthday in 2011. Family close up Dad, 11-2015
Robert Lee Boswell, June 14th, 1931 to April 11th, 2016. I love you, Dad, and already miss you!!! Thank you for being a good dad to me! You blessed my life.

Diet progress and Woes

Slow and Steady wins the race. Right? Well, it’s hard to stay motivated with slow progress and setbacks. I’ve lose about 12 pounds since 1/1/16 and I’m down 20 pounds from my heaviest about 18 months ago. I’m exercising more, although my workouts are pretty wimpy and there’s too much time in between. I am buried at work right now, and it’s hard to get up from my desk to go work out.
But worst of all, despite moving more and eating less, my blood sugar has gone up again. Ever since I lost my thyroid, my blood sugar has been inching up and up. I am no longer pre-diabetic. I see the doctor in a couple weeks to decide if I have to go on insulin. Yikes!  It’s hard to be excited about losing 20 pounds when I have no control over my body processing carbs into sugar. I use sugar free coffee creamer, and if I’m really craving a sweet, I make sugar free pudding or eat an Adkins bar for a snack. Otherwise no bread, no pasta, nothing that contains flour. Weight down, blood sugar up. No fair!
This really stinks! 20 pounds lost is something to celebrate, even though I need to lose 20 more. I’m changing my eating habits because of the blood sugar thing. And I’ll find out soon if I have to change them even more.
I’ll I can do is stay the course!

2015 and 2016 Resolutions

I love New Year Resolutions. I do understand why some people say their resolution is to make no resolutions. Someday I might do that. In the mean time, I enjoy setting goals each year and striving to accomplish them.
Last January, I completed a bingo-type card with 16 squares hosting 16 goals. I met 12 of the 16. A couple of those were big goals and pretty fun, like taking my mom back to her home town in California to see family, and going someplace new with Dan. Both were completed before the summer. Dan and I flew to New Orleans, toured the city and some southern mansions, then drove to Biloxi, Mississippi, Alabama, and over to Pensacola. It was a fun trip through the south. 
Another goal was to double the amount of marinara sauce I canned, which meant I had to double the number of tomatoes I planted. Check and yummy! Also in 2015 I strove to be early and rush less. Although not 100% perfect, I did a really good at being early all year. I plan to keep it up.
My best resolution for 2015 was to paint 1 picture a month with my mom. She is a wonderful artist and has been teaching me to paint. We painted several pictures together and I did several alone. We had fun creating different Christmas scenes to give as gifts. I’m pleased to report that we finished 15 pictures, exceeding the goal 12. Yeah! It was very time consuming, but worth it.
The purple picture below was a team effort. We painted it for my sister. First, I did the purple background, lavender tree shape with stars on the boarder and light beams streaming down from the main star/cross. Once I finished tracing the manger scene, I passed it off to mom for the hard stuff.  It turned out so well. Mom did a fabulous job on Mary and Joseph’s faces and even the blades of hay. Mom is a true artist. Purple nativity
Below is a sunset manger scene I painted all by myself. This picture doesn’t do the purple sky justice. There are sparkles on the north star. Sunset manger
I painted this blue picture for my Dad using a combo of the above manger, which I enlarged, and the purple picture we did for my sister. I think it turned out really well. I also painted one in red and green for another family member. It turned out pretty, too. For dad, Blue nativity
So, what’s the plan for 2016?  To finish a couple of the 2015 goals I did not meet…lose weight, drink more water, consistently work out. I’m signing up for the Pacific Crest Half Marathon in June. Although I want to continue painting, I’ll spend more time walking in 2016. I have 2 tropical vacations scheduled that require bathing suits. That alone is motivation. 
A new resolution for 2016 is to read a Bible chapter each night before falling asleep. I love the Bible ap on my phone and it’s so easy to read a chapter at night. The ONLY problem is remembering. I almost forgot last night. Although it was after midnight when I remembered, I did read before falling asleep, so technically I didn’t blow it on my first day. Whew!
Thanks for reading. May God richly bless your 2016.